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"I've been volunteering in my community for over a decade. I want to work for you. We need to create more living wage jobs, improve our schools, and make public safety, gun control in particular, a top priority. With over a decade of volunteer leadership experience, I know what it takes to find solutions, and get things done."




Healthcare particularly for children, women and senior citizens is of a major concern for our community. I will fight for women rights and proper care and nutrition. All of us have experienced great dissatisfaction with the performance of Prince George’s hospital in Cheverly. We need to make sure we do not repeat the mistake with the new Regional Medical Center. 60% of the workers will be transferred from Prince George's Hospital to the new Regional Medical Center in Largo without having to re-apply. I will fight to make sure it is mandated that they receive appropriate training in customer service and crisis management.


After the Regional Medical Center is completed, they will shut down the old hospital in Cheverly. I propose we replace it with a new world class Medical Facility that focuses on PREVENTATIVE healthcare. It will offer programs, courses and classes on how to combat diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, mental health and much more. We already have the Sports and Learning Complex; this will be the new Health and Learning Complex.


Prince George's County schools have been the subject of much debate. Poor PARCC scores, fixed graduation rates, deteriorated buildings, kids are getting physically assaulted and the lack of teacher support has been a recipe for disaster.  Children are our greatest investment. We need to make sure we have a trained counselor and nurse in every school to deal with the emotional and physical needs of our kids.


We also need to make sure our children our learning computer code and programming. This is the new alphabet of today. This includes front end and back end computer development. These courses should then branch into app development, robotics, web design or IT security.


We also need to make sure that career and technical/vocational training is available at all high schools. In addition, we have to update our training programs. For example, if someone is studying to be an electrician, they should also learn how to install wind and solar technology. If someone is studying to become a plumber, in addition to unclogging a toilet, they should be trained to check the water in your home so we do not have a Flint, Michigan situation here. After 2 years of training in high school, these students may enroll in a Community College to complete their certification or they can begin as an apprentice for a master technician.

We need to expand our language immersion programs to more elementary schools so our children can have the option to learn French, Spanish or Chinese as a second language. The world is interconnected and we must make sure that our children are prepared for the world stage of business and commerce.



We are labeled a bedroom community. People live here, but work outside of the county. Our political leaders have focused on trying to attract companies to Prince George's County. I would redirect part of this focus on developing the business owners and companies that we have here. The facade on the strip malls on Central Avenue, Richie Marlboro Road and other areas are dilapidated. We need to make our work areas respectable and attractive to prospective employees and customers. 

We need to have a public/private incubator and start up accelerator that focuses on recent high school and college grads to help flesh out their start up ideas. Instead of worrying about Amazon or Facebook, we can create our own tech superpower here by investing in our youth. We pair them up with mentors, provide them access to capital, and give them necessary tools and training to grow their business ideas. Incubators is how Uber and Airbnb were created. Businesses that would normally take 10-15 years could be developed in 2-4 years. When these businesses grow and become successful, they will hire employees. This in tern will expand our commercial tax base and give Prince George's County the necessary revenue to invest in our schools, revitalize our neighborhoods and repair our damaged watersheds.



Our County has focused on renewable energy as a way to help the environment. Although this is a great first step, renewable energy does not mean clean energy. I would shift our policy toward renewable clean energy sources. Clean energy is a form of energy that is created with clean, harmless, and non-polluting methods.

I would propose a plan for the future conversion of our Metro buses and school busses to a zero emission electric fleet. New homes after a set date should also be built with higher grade materials and solar shingles.

I will also fund a program to have every first grader (or another school year the school board decide) plant a tree, fruit or vegetable as part of a project. This will be educational and will also start the relationship with nature early for our kids.

I would encourage economic development around our 15 metro centers in order to keep the Eastern and Southern parts of Prince George's County protected under our zoning laws.

I would support disposal bands and intensify the education and enforcement of the expanded polystyrene ban.



Outside developers love Prince George's County. They come and get their zoning permits from our local government, in some instances they build faulty structures, make a ton of cash and leave Prince George's County residents holding the bag. We must first update our code and design standards while not crippling future development.

We need to have an open procurement process so local businesses can have the same opportunities as big companies.

We must review our permit process and make necessary improvements so businesses projects are not unnecessarily delayed.


Real Estate is a two pronged approach: We have to make sure housing remains affordable while protecting the property value of established community.

HOA and municipalities have been left on an island by our local government. I will partner with the major of Capitol Heights, District Heights and HOA presidents to build and enhance our communities.

I have volunteered on my HOA for the past 10 years and I have been the President for the past 6 years. I understand homeowner concerns and I understand the importance of capital improvements and fiscal responsibility.

They have stopped building affordable housing in District 6. All homes are $500,000 and up. Luxury apartments will price out a lot of people and the high end condominiums that will be built at the Boulevard will start at $400,000. I will fight for affordable housing for millennials looking for first time homes, teachers, police officers, retired seniors and military veterans.