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Paul Horton

Business Owner


Paul Horton is Quality 1 Property Management’s owner and president. He founded the company in 2010 and brings to it 36 plus years of experience in the property/facility management and acquisition fields, and twenty plus years in service on HOA boards; serving in various capacities including president, vice president and secretary. He brings this unique knowledge and understanding of what the boards expect to his management style which is incorporated into the operating principles for the company and staff.

Lake Pointe Board of Directors

Community HOA


The Lake Pointe Board of Directors is the governing body that serves on behalf of the Lake Pointe residents nestled in the heart of Prince George's County to ensure a better community by making decisions that effect every aspect of community living from lawn maintenance to trash pick up. The Board also establishes the budget and make capital improvements that preserves the architectural integrity and aesthetics of the property and  common elements. 

Anthony Triplin

Candidate for Board of Education District 6


"It is great to support a candidate that not only supports me, but will work with me to provide better support for our schools."

Julian Lopez

Candidate for At Large County Council


"I am particularly motivated by Duane's idea in building a technology hub. I am also impressed by his social activism but what strikes me the most is his desire to push for opportunities for minority-based businesses."